Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miami University- Sean Minderlein

Hello and welcome to the 4th post on the Miami University men’s swim team blog, my name is Sean Minderlein. I am a freshman here at Miami; I am a biomedical engineering major with a minor (at least) in distance freestyle. I am from Mullica Hill New Jersey.
 We just competed in the Miami Invite, we placed second overall, we were unshaved and didn’t fully taper. Considering that we did pretty well, we even had several lifetime-best times. Coach Pete was pleased with what he saw, so was Coach (now an uncle) Scott. Some highlights of the meet: Brendan Melling placed 4th in the 400 IM with a time of 4:03.01, and our 400 free relay placed second with a time of 3:07.46. We had 2 record breaking performances out of diver Jimmy Beres, on the one meter and the 3 meter. To see all of the results please go here: http://www.muredhawks.com/livestats/w-swim/09-10swimming/
We had our first “real” snowfall this year, with a whopping measurable half an inch on the grass. Since we had it during the Invitational meet this lead to some very bewildered and amused Florida swimmers. This also led to some snowmen. Then snow ball fights. Not necessary in that order.
After the meet the team went over to the Western Cabin, there we ate dinner and talked about our successes and the work that we have to do over break to ensure future successes as well. At the cabin we also picked our Secret Santa’s, mine is… what it is a secret.
As the end of my first semester comes closer, along with the Dred of finals, I find it the mazes of text books and labyrinths of notes grow larger. Other than a lost roommate, this means that the joys of winter break are around the corner. But before winter break we have finals, as my professor put it “the semester learning assessment.” I know my N-64 has been powered down for over 48 hours, but my books on the other hand are starting to overheat from constant use. As students find themselves staying up later and later with the help of caffeine, the coaching staff plans, what can only be described as, “fun activities” that we will be doing over winter training.
This winter break we are staying to train here in Oxford, much to the delight of my parent’s bank account. I get to experience Miami’s cabin out in the woods for two nights, and participate in the Secret Santa out here for the first time.
If you would please excuse me, I must say Bah Humbug to my exams.

Sean Minderlein ‘14


  1. Just happened upon the team's blog and appreciate very much the insight for these being "at the moment" as Darin set the early standard in his writings. Following the team from afar and it is very apparent you guys are all business at these meets. Very inspired by your approach to the challenging opportunities when you speak about the strenuous training underway and to come. Understanding bench marks and getting yourselves ready to face the toughest challenge (which always turns out to be ourselves) and facing the fear directly is so impressive to accomplish. Watching the short course nat'l meet on TV last week Matt Grevers perhaps said it best after winning the 100 free. His challenge from his coach was to pretty much go as hard as he could for the 75 and face the last length. Have confidence in your training which places this brief moment - to go for it with a plan - is the toughest thing you may ever do. And Pete, Coach Usher, and KR are constructing individual means for each of you to do this. Grevers let us in to an incredible insight in the interview afterwards. It was more important than the entire hour of swimming coverage. And you know he felt incredible pain and agony the last 25, but as Ray Ray told us that after touching the wall and seeing the result, the pain disappears and a smile replaces it. Be confident in your training that you are doing now - you have extraordinary great coaches who have incredible understanding of how to get you there and will do everything they can to do so - for your benefit. These blogs only confirm that notion. Have a great time in Oxford over break..I can tell you we hit 25 degrees 3 straight days here in Florida and just as cold or colder forecast for next week. Antarctica was warmer than we were for a while. Inside with some heat sounds pretty good this winter. Go Redhawks and see you at MAC's. Grey Wilson '75

  2. Thanks for the updates and the photos! I think the blog is a great way to keep us old timers updated.

    Enjoy your break, it's not so bad staying in Oxford.

    Eric Teske '06

  3. The best training trip I ever had was in Oxford. We got to wake up later and the rooks got to stay in our houses, which meant they got woken up however with a new song from my stereo every morning.

    Most importantly, Pete wears his special, once every four years, shirt. It will be a great day for everyone!

  4. I like the blog... keep it coming. And keep up the hard work.

    And yes, I was one of the rooks who woke up to D-hoe blasting Pink Floyd's "Time" during training trip '05-'06... what a terrible song to wake up to, especially loud enough for a block party.

    Davis Mello '09