Monday, January 17, 2011

Miami University- John Eick

The first semester of our season is complete, and I am very pleased with where the team is right now. With two wins under our belts this second semester already, I think our hard work is starting to show. The word ‘hard’ is hardly stressful enough of a word to describe our training trip that took place here in Oxford this winter. We experienced ten days straight of strenuous workouts comprised of swimming, dryland, and weights. Every practice was difficult and most are now blurs as I can hardly remember when one ended and another began. This past winter was certainly the most difficult winter training experience of my life, but the rewards are already showing as I also feel in the best shape of my swimming career and am swimming faster in duel meets than ever before.
As a senior and having completed most of my required classes already, my schedule this semester is what one could describe as ‘comfortable’. For my last year here at Miami I wanted to make sure that I could fully prepare for our conference meet without the stresses of having to make multiple deadlines for many of my classes. One class that I am in now that I highly recommend no matter where you attend college is Intro to Personal Finance. It is a lot of useful information about the basics of saving, stocks, credit, and preparing for retirement. Yes, retirement. It is still a long ways away but you need to prepare while you’re young! I’ve already learned this and many other handy things.
I am very excited for taper to start, which for a sprinter is almost as fun as Christmas, and I am excited to see my teammates perform as the season nears its end. I am also excited to figure out where I will be attending medical school next year. If you are reading this and still trying to figure out where you want to go to school next year, I am right there with you. I wish you the best of luck!

John Eick
Class of ‘11

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